• Planificación y orientación de admisión universitaria

  • College Planning and Guidance

  • ​Apoyo para los ensayos y edición ​

  • Manejo de las aplicaciones​

  • Asesoramiento en selección de cursos

  • Apoyo escolar 



  • Trabajamos en equipo
  • Nuestro proceso reduce el estrés significativamente 
  • Tu confianza aumentará al recibir consejería profesional
  • Te ayudaremos a ti y a tu familia a navegar el proceso de admisión.



Marisela realmente entiende el proceso de admisión y conoce muchas universidades; ¡Ella es un guía extraordinaria para el proceso de admisión universitaria! Mi hijo se postuló en muchas escuelas de las que nunca habíamos oído hablar, ¡y estas son escuelas que Marisela sugirió que consideráramos, visitamos y nos encantaron! Marisela pasó mucho tiempo con mi hijo ayudándole con sus ensayos, y dado información de aceptación que al final aumentaron sus posibilidades de admisión.

Marisela me hizo sentir a gusto al saber que no tendría que aprender todo para ayudar a nuestra nieta. Contratar a Marisela para que nos ayudara fue la mejor decisión que tomamos! Ella nos ayudó a hacer un plan de admisión que incluía una lista de universidades.  La experiencia de Marisela y su conocimiento de todo el proceso hicieron que sea un tiempo estresante y con fecha límite, relativamente fácil y sin estrés, ya que seguimos el plan detallado y completo que ella desarolló. 


Marisela es muy amigable y accesible, fácil de hablar y esta bien informada. Entré en casi todas las universidades a las que solicité admisión y me sentí extremadamente satisfecho con la experiencia. Definitivamente animaré a otros a hacer esto porque hizo todo el proceso de solicitud mucho más fácil.


Meet Your Team

Marisela Gomez has been involved in the higher education industry for over 15 years.  She has read over 20,000 applications during her time as an admission counselor and enrollment manager at her alma mater, Santa Clara University.  Her experience, as a first-generation student and admission officer, has enabled her to support families to understand the admission process with confidence and inspiration. 

Marisela is an expert in the college admission/financial aid field. She has been invited to speak all over the Bay Area, other parts of California, and out of the country. She has been an invited guest at several Univision (Hispanic Television Network) programs and radio stations and interviewed by local newspapers. 

Marisela  Gomez

Founder & Head Counselor 

Topher Williamson

Essay Specialist


Topher has worked at Stanford University’s Career Planning & Placement Center where he assisted undergrads as they sought internships and full time job opportunities. After returning to his alma mater, Santa Clara University, he  recruited, evaluated and admitted athletes, freshman and transfer applicants. At Notre Dame de Namur University, he recruited, admitted and enrolled transfer students. This prepared him to work as a counselor and instructor at Ohlone College in Fremont, helping students prepare for the University of California, California State University and private schools.
Then as Director of Admission and Records, he managed day-to-day operations and functions related to staff, course registration, grade reporting and students transcripts. After Ohlone College, Topher joined a Silicon Valley test prep/college consulting firm where he provided support for both high school and community students helping them navigate the process of applying to four-year universities.
In January of 2017, Topher launched Veritas College Advising, a private consulting practice to provide college guidance and coaching for young adults in need of expert advising during the college search and application process. He has experience in engineering, the sciences, business, humanities, the arts.  However, he specializes in computer science, electrical engineering, pre-med as well as accelerated medical programs (BS / MD).
Taylor McDonald is an anthropologist, writer, and copy editor based out of the Twin Cities area of Minnesota. Originally from Seattle, Washington, she earned her B.A. in Psychology at the age of 19. Following her graduation, she spent a year living in Cairo, Egypt teaching English at a local high school. She continued on to earn her MSc in Psychological and Psychiatric Anthropology at Brunel University of London (U.K.). In her career, she has published 400+ articles and blog content for many major websites, spending a year working as a researcher and copy writer for wikiHow.com, among others. 
In her personal time, Taylor is an artist, photographer, gardener, and avid reader. In 2019 she read 60 books and it is her goal to read 70 in 2020. She is passionate about helping students achieve their goals for college and beyond.

Taylor McDonald

Essay Specialist



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